BGP Lounge – Dave Pastusic Throwback!

We recently had App State football legend Daniel Kilgore in the BGP Lounge for a great episode. Several references were made about a one Dave Pastusic. This left some wondering “Who is this ‘PAZ’ guy anyway?”

For newer listeners of BGP and those unfamiliar with App State teams from the 1990s, this episode is especially for you!

Dave Pastusic (Paz) played Offensive Line for some of the best App State football teams in school history including the historic undefeated 1995 team. Paz has been a die hard App State fan since he graduated in the 90’s and became good friends with Daniel Kilgore during Kilgore’s time at App State.

App State legend Steve Brown connected us with Paz and joined us for a great episode about Paz’ journey to App State and his favorite memories playing for those great teams in the 90’s.
Source: BGP

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