Coming off injury, Bryant relishes second chance

Sophomore quarterback Kameron Bryant looks to pass the ball during the Sept. 28 game against Charleston Southern. Bryant has six touchdowns this season. Photo by Justin Perry  |  The Appalachian
The football flies through the air and lands perfectly into the hands of a wide receiver during practice. This seemingly effortless throw is courtesy of 6-foot-1-inch quarterback Kameron Bryant.

Throwing the ball effortlessly hasn’t always come easy to the sophomore, Bryant, who started playing football at 7 years old.

“I played football for the Cliffdale Patriots and I was a backup fullback and fourth team kicker,” Bryant said. “That’s the only year I didn’t play quarterback. It started off pretty rough but I’ve been playing quarterback since.”

Since picking up the quarterback position at eight years old, Bryant has progressed naturally into the role at Appalachian State University.


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