SGA continues work to lift skateboarding ban

SGA is advocating for the Town of Boone to lift the ban on skateboards, saying that lifting the ban would help the university in its goal to become more sustainable. Photo by Lacy Matusek  |  The Appalachian
The Student Government Association has been working with Appalachian State University officials and the Town of Boone to potentially lift the skateboarding ban, said SGA President Dylan Russell.

The Town of Boone does not allow skateboarding on sidewalks or streets, according to Town of Boone Ordinance Section 71.10. Appalachian prohibits skateboarding on the entire campus as well. Skateboarding violations carry a $50 fine.

“We are trying to take the emphasis off of specifically skateboarding and move toward the idea of encouraging human-powered transportation,” Russell said. “With the removal of the skateboarding ban, it would lead to an overall improvement in the campus’ sustainability.”

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